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5 reasons to wear safety glasses

Thousands of employees suffer from eye injuries each year, many of them due to work related injuries. Such injuries may lead to blindness and loss of thousands of dollars production time and medical costs. It is important for workers and employers to understand the benefits of wearing proper eye protection.

Eye protection and safety glasses are examples of personal protective equipment, and are commonly used to protect workers from on-the-work hazards. Safety glasses are very essential because most of the workplace injuries are eye related. Many people are unaware of the importance of eye protection in the workplace. Possible hazards can be easily avoided just by covering your eyes. In this blog, we will explain the importance of wearing safety glasses and how they can protect you from potential hazards.

1.Protection against foreign objects

Safety glasses prevent foreign objects from damaging your eyes. Hazardous particles or chemicals may be present in your workplace. Dirt, dust, pollen and wood can irritate your eyes and harm your vision.

2.Protection against unsafe lights

Safety glasses will help protect your eyes from high-intensity and extremely bright lights. These lights come in various forms and are used for everyday tasks such as motorcycles, cars, welding torches, lasers, etc. Wearing safety glasses will provide full protection against unsafe lights.

3.Preventing eye diseases

Many computer-related tasks require staring at the monitor for hours. The light from your computer can cause eye strain or even loss of vision. Computer vision syndrome, the most common computer-related eye disease, can cause eye pain and blurred vision. You can prevent this simply by wearing safety glasses when sitting at the computer for a long time.

4.Wide range of style options

The main reason people don’t prefer to wear safety goggles is because they find their limited style choices unattractive. However, you’ll be surprised how much there are style options you can choose from! And furthermore, many companies offer custom frames with your company logo on them!

5.Protection Against Chemicals

There’s no wonder that chemicals and pesticides can be hazardous to your eyes. They can lead to eye pain, red eyes and blurred vision. If you regularly work with chemicals, make sure to wear safety glasses to reduce the risk of allergic reactions to these products.

Wearing proper safety glasses will help prevent any potential hazard. Parrotias offers a wide range of safety glasses at an affordable price. You can now buy our safety goggles to ensure maximum safety for you and your team.


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