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Tips for Choosing Crampons

Crampons are a special type of traction device that is put on the soles on the soles of footwear to move easily on ice and snow. They are essential equipment items when the time comes to prepare for winter hiking, mountaineering, or ice climbing. There are different types of crampons and in this article you can find help on how to choose which are the right ones.

  • Choose an activity – decide what specific activity you want to do before picking crampons

  • Size and fit – try them on to ensure that they fit your footwear securely and snugly. Also take into consideration the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • Material type – most crampons are made either of steel or of aluminum. The difference between them is that the steel ones are heavier and more durable and the aluminum ones are lighter and less durable.

  • Flexibility – flexible crampons are suitable for glacier travel and hiking, whereas the rigid type of crampons is the better option for ice climbing.

  • Point type – they can have horizontal front points, vertical front points, or a combination of the two. The point type is chosen according to the type of the terrain.

  • Front and rear points – the front points are for traction on steep terrain and the rear points are for descending. For climbing steep terrain you need crampons with both front and rear points.

  • Anti-balling plates – prevent snow from sticking to the soles of your footwear and the bottoms of the crampons.

  • Bindings – they can be strap-on, hybrid, and step-in. Strap-on can be used with most types of footwear and boots, while hybrid and step-in are more suitable for specific boots.

  • Cost – consider your budget and pick the right option for you.

In case you aren’t certain that these tips are enough, visit your nearest sports equipment store and ask the employees for more detailed specifications about the crampons. You can also ask more experienced climbers and hikers for advice if you want to be 100% sure that you’ve made the right decision.


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