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Summer work shoes

It is ultra light, well-wrapped and has an elastic structure, which is one of the indispensable work shoes, especially in the summer months. The breathable structure allows excess moisture to escape while keeping your feet cool and dry at all times. Supports ergonomics with an exterior design inspired by everyday shoes.

What is the S2, S 3 standard? Why it is important?

You have to choose between the two existing standards for work shoes. This is a choice of steel or composite toe work shoes or work shoes that have no impact resistance to the toe. Standard C2 indicates that work shoes are suitable for use in wet environments. S2 standard work shoes are resistant to possible impacts up to 200 J. The main structure is resistant to oil and acid. Made of antistatic material. Safety shoes S3 standard: Work shoes with S3 occupational safety standard have a stainless steel reinforced sole and protection against the possibility of objects being stinged. Work shoes have a very high energy absorption capacity.


Waterproof, breathable material, antistatic, STEEL protective nose with protection up to 200 J. Provides the most comfortable comfort to the user due to its shock absorption and softness. SRC is superior sliding resistance, oil-resistant heel, wear-resistant. Complies with S3 standards.

What are work shoes used for:

Another aspect of work shoes that is as important as foot protection is comfort. According to the risk analysis, if the nose does not require protection, non-slip shoes, if there is a risk of slipping, oil-resistant shoes should be chosen. It is important to use these shoes in most construction, electrical, metal, etc. industries. Depending on the type of hazard, different types of safety shoes may be required to ensure the safety of workers. We offer you high-quality and world-class work boots, work shoes, etc.

Hygiene of work shoes

Some points should be taken into consideration when cleaning and storing work shoes. At the end of the work, shoes should be ventilated. Sharp objects should not be used during cleaning. When using, you should wear cotton socks and make sure that they are the right size. After contact with water, they should be allowed to dry in a cool environment.


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