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Fire safety equipment

Gas horn

The emergency gas horn is a great way to quickly attract attention in an emergency. Ideal for use on open air locations such as construction sites, or during emergency evacuations. Gas horns are free from hydro fluorocarbon gases. Cans are also refillable, enabling multiple uses.

How to use To detect a gas which is lighter than air, you need to place the detector at a high level. To detect a gas which is heavier than air, place the detector at a low level. If the gas density is close to air density, place detectors at both high and low levels.

Safety hammer makes it easy to get out of car in a hurry. It is suitable for various vehicles such as cars, buses and trucks and will not slip when used. Safety hammers don’t cause any injury in daily life: the mounting base prevents the hammerhead from damaging anything and the hidden blade prevents from injuring someone.

A window breaker is an essential tool for escape in the event of an emergency or accident. It is a common safety device designed to break through a window glass in an emergency. Featuring a robust steel head, the hammer is capable of breaking a window with toughened glass up to 6mm thick. Being lightweight and compact, it fits easily in glove box.

How to use Always choose a side window. Choose the left or right window and make sure you smash the corner of the window. Whether you hit from the inside to save yourself, or from the outside to save another: by hitting the corner of the window it will break fastest. The front and backward windshield will crack on the surface but will not be broken when hit by the hammer.


One of the most essential tools to manage fire crises is a megaphone. Without one, it will be hard to communicate with large crowds and direct people to safety when fire occurs. Megaphones are battery operated and amplify a voice so that everyone can hear. Use the siren when you need to stand out enough to be noticed. Easily packable with its lightweight design, foldable handle and convenient carrying strap. Can be utilized by indoor & outdoor fire officers, mentors, police, firefighters, cheerleaders, schools, sports activities, occasion organizers and director megaphone.


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