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Cut-resistant gloves

You can use this special glove when working with sharp-edged surfaces, sharp metals, wood chips, and other objects. It will protect your hands from being cut. At the same time, you will be able to do your work without any discomfort.

How it works

Cut-resistant gloves are either made of special material or covered with a special coating. Our cut-resistant glove is covered with HPPE material. This special coating does not create additional weight because it is located in the hands, palms, and fingers. The points that are most likely to be cut are protected, meanwhile your hands can breathe with a special cloth and don`t sweat. The gloves are durable according to the EN288 certification on 5-grade.

What is EN388 certification

It is a special international cut-resistant surface certification. The ranking is from 0 to 5 degrees. The definition of each degree is as follows:

This degree is the lowest. A pressure of less than 200 g on a sharp surface is sufficient to cut this material. In most cases, ordinary examination gloves have this degree.

A pressure of more than 200 grams but less than 500 grams is sufficient for this degree of cut-resistance. Leather (including human skin) and cotton fabrics are in this category. Cotton fabrics are a little more durable. Materials that you can cut under pressure from 500 g to 1 kg belong to this category. Some durable fabric types and polyethene coatings are in this category. Special polyethylene materials can be cut under pressure from 1 kg to 1.5 kg. When the material is cut under the pressure of more than 1.5 kg, it is considered "cut-resistant". It is the highest degree. A pressure of 3.5 kg or more is required for cutting. It is very difficult and even impossible to apply pressure at this weight by human hands.

Which areas are suitable:

Cutting Logistics and warehouses Tree carving Gardening Carpentry Other safety required installation and household work

Our difference

In addition to the comfort and lightness of the material, it is covered with a special PU coating. This coating greatly reduces slippage and allows you to work with lightly oiled surfaces. This is especially useful in metal cutting areas where metals are slippery and greasy. With a length of 23 cm, it will easily fit in your hands. The tightly knitted wristband prevents slipping. It is abrasion-resistant. It is recommended to wash on your hands to ensure long service life.


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