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Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Manchester Metropolitan University


    • Address

      Address: All Saints, All Saints Building, Manchester M15 6BH, United Kingdom

      Phone: +44 161 247 2000


      Course Name: MSc in Occupational Safety, Health and Environment

    • Description

      Workplace safety and worker health are increasingly significant in tackling wider societal issues around morbidity, early mortality, and influences of lifestyle on individuals and communities. Through this course, we aim to develop your analytical and problem-solving skills and introduce you to the multitude of factors that can influence workplace safety and health. This is to help you become a practitioner in preventing accidents and ill health in the workplace, and in managing workplace environmental issues. You’ll explore topics including risk perception and risk management, law, occupational hygiene, and environmental management. You’ll learn how to critically assess the evidence on the health and well-being of a defined population, and how to analyze exposure data to evaluate toxicological risks to population health. You’ll consider occupational health and safety philosophies for effective control and health protection purposes, and evaluate risk management systems for specific workplace environments, including the gas, oil, and food industries. You’ll go on on-site visits to a variety of industrial and commercial settings, such as manufacturing industries, construction sites, and waste treatment plants. You’ll apply the knowledge you learn on visits to risk assessment, management, and compliance requirements, maintaining workplace safety, and to building infrastructure and compliance systems. Upon successful completion of this course, you’ll receive a Master in Occupational Safety, Health, and Environment and eligibility to register for graduate member status of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health  (IOSH). The standard duration of this course for part-time students is two years and the maximum is five years. Completion of the course in two years would make you eligible for a postgraduate loan to cover the cost of your fees.

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