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Worker vest

What is a safety vest?

Safety vests are special clothing designed to educate people during the day on the construction site, workshop, factory, mine and on the road in terms of work and safety of workers. These vests are affordable, light, comfortable and extremely useful and potentially life-saving clothing that can be used in a variety of situations. It is one of the most important clothing items you should use if you are engaged in any work that may cause an accident.

Design and material of safety vests

Safety vests are made of reflective material and are usually in bright colors. Made of retro reflective material and fluorescent paints. Attracts the eye from afar due to the brightness and vibrancy of the colors. Most safety vests are made of polyester fabric. Polyester fabric is a lightweight, quick-drying, non-ironing, breathable fabric.

What are safety vests used for?

The purpose of these vests is to allow the user to see, and especially to warn a person with low vision. These warning vests are a necessary safety tool for many different industries. Our safety vests play an extremely important role in ensuring the safety of workers by increasing their visibility

Classification of safety vests? There are special standards for sound and hearing aids. The NRR standard is the noise protection standard. The highest grade is NRR 33 and is rarely needed. Safety vests that are classified into three types are designed for different purposes and are suitable for many vision conditions. 1st classification of safety vests provide very little bright or reflective material and are suitable for bright time of day. A Class 2 or ANSI Class 3 safety vests provide high visibility and can be used in any low vision condition.

According to these standards, you can choose the most suitable earplugs for your personal use or workplace. Keep in mind that choosing a higher standard earplug than you need can cause you to be completely isolated from the environment.

Field and shipbuilding workers, traffic police and firefighters, emergency rescue teams, ambulance crews, road construction and cleaning workers, security guards, bicycle and motorcycle users

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