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Welding gloves

When welding, you must protect your hands from heat, fire, potential cutting objects, and flying sparks. Although many materials and gloves are suitable for this, one of the best is cow leather welding gloves.

Why leather gloves Gloves can be made of many materials. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Leather gloves are recommended, especially when welding. The leather has a high level of heat resistance, is resistant to cutting, does not tear, and at the same time is soft enough for the hands to move comfortably. Work can take hours, especially in heavy industry. In this case, your hands must be comfortable, do not sweat, and can move freely. Cow leather and safety Cow leather stands out from other leather materials by its thickness and durability. Cow leather, which is quite resistant to heat, perforation, and abrasion, is ideal for welding gloves. To make it perfect, the most suitable parts of cow skin have been selected for you. These parts are quite thick, but also very soft, resistant to heat, fire, and perforation. You will be able to work comfortably with the environment and objects up to 350 ° C (662 ° F).

Design features Hands and arms. Welding is a bit "messy". Many small fragments, sparks, and other potentially dangerous objects are scattered around. It is long enough to protect your hands as well as your arms. Flexibility even in heavy work. One of the most sensitive parts of our hands is the palm without hard skin. For this reason, we reinforced a special cushion in the palm of our cow leather welding gloves. Your hands will be very comfortable when lifting heavy objects or working with sharp objects. no-sweaty hands. The gloves have a cotton lining inside. This extra will provide you softness and comfort, as well as prevents your hands from sweating, even when working in hot environments, and very breathable. Aesthetic appearance. Our welding gloves are eye-catching with their durability and aesthetic appearance. The thumb part is specially designed for comfortable movement and the color choice is pretty elegant. There are denim cuffs on the wrist. It is very comfortable and nice looking.

Areas of use There are many uses for cow leather welding gloves. The most important of these, of course, is welding and similar areas. Many of the following areas and jobs are also suitable for welding gloves: Kebabs, grills, and ovens Pottery oven, Fireplace, Cutting works, Gardening, Camp work, etc.

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