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Protective sleeves are designed to give your workers’ arms an extra layer of security while welding, ensuring protection from molten metal and various particles.Sleeves are an important protective garment that welders use in their daily life with work clothes. They provide long-lasting comfort while protecting against dangerous splashes during welding.

Advantages The sleeves made from leather keep your arm scratch-free with a flame-retardant variation that protects you from burns during welding. The welding sleeve, which does not sweat when used, ensures mobility, and is extremely comfortable to wear.


Being 45 cm long, sleeves are made of raw leather and are easy to wear. An elastic band is tied to the big toe to fully lengthen the sleeves. Features a cotton lining for interior comfort

Feature Made of split leather, which offers high protection against molten weld spatter and hot metal torsion. Elastic sleeve and wrist tips prevent the arm from slipping, making it easy to put on and take off Wear resistant Designed in a shape and texture that comfortably fit for hand curves and allow you to freely move as usual Made of high quality leather that does not cause odor and allergies.

Where to use

Abrasion-resistant sleeves are most commonly used in heavy duty welding, manufacturing, metalworking and jobs requiring protection against molten metal.

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