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Safety helmets

In many areas, such as construction and manufacturing, safety regulations must be strictly followed. According to Azerbaijani legislation, the use of safety helmets is mandatory in many areas.

These helmets protect workers from work accidents, as well as provide discipline in the work environment. Studies have shown that the use of helmets reduces not only the damage of accidents but also the number of accidents.

White helmets White helmets - these color helmets are mostly worn by managers and executives. Engineers, company executives, etc. can be used by high-ranking officials such as. The reason for choosing white is to indicate safety. This color of helmets is mainly worn in less dangerous and less dirty areas of the work area.

Black helmets Black helmets - these colored helmets are worn by visitors. It draws attention easily due to its sharp color tones. It is used to minimize damage in areas with high damage potential. By looking at the colors of the helmets in a workplace, we can understand who is doing what and prevent administrative accidents that may occur.

Orange helmets

Orange helmets are used by foundries and other firefighters to match the color of the fire. The color of the helmet indicates the danger of the work done. It is easily distinguishable due to its bright color. In workplaces where many workers wear yellow helmets, these helmets are also called "brown helmets" to better distinguish them from yellow ones.

Green helmets Green Helmets - These helmets are commonly used by inspectors and visitors to the work environment. Sometimes it is given to practitioners. The color of the helmet indicates that the wearer is not very knowledgeable about the work environment. People with green helmets should be accompanied in dangerous parts of the workplace.

Red helmets

Red helmets - red is the international uniform of firefighters. For this reason, red helmets are also worn by firefighters and usually have a special badge on the front. It can be used not only by firefighters but also by employees of other workplaces. it should be remembered that it differs from other helmets only by its color, there is no additional fire protection function.

Blue helmets The blue helmet is for the maintenance team and craftsmen in the workplace. In general, workers should wear helmets in their workplaces, by taking into account their colors. The blue helmet, like other equipment, is of great importance in terms of labor protection. Electricians and carpenters often wear blue helmets. Common areas of use are industrial work areas, construction, and electrically supply work areas.

Yellow helmets Yellow helmets - used by workers and drillers. These colored helmets are the most commonly used safety helmets. Because helmets of this color are used in many workplaces, safety helmets are mostly yellow in international standards and symbols.

The right choice

The right choice for safety helmets is very important. The helmet`s inner parts are soft padding, cushioning and hard material lining, and chin strap. When choosing a safety helmet, make sure it is not too big or too small. A helmet that doesn't fit well may not protect you when you need it. The straps of the helmets must also be fastened properly. Untired straps can cause the helmet to slip in an emergency. It is often recommended to use helmets with small caps. This small protrusion is important to protect the eyes and nose in the event of danger, and the helmet must be worn so that the cap is forward.

Why use safety helmets?

There are many dangers in the work environment. The most dangerous of these are fatal injuries. Falling a foreign object, bumping head and other accidents can be very dangerous without a safety helmet. These helmets not only protect the head and skull, but also the eyes and nose with a small protrusion in the front, and the ears. The colors of safety helmets also have special meanings.

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