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PVC worker boots

Boots are very effective protective clothing products in the physical work environment and are a common and necessary safety or hygiene footwear in various industrial conditions. Providing well-designed, comfortable shoes is a necessity in many work environments. PVC boots are an ideal product for anyone working in humid environments and all weather conditions. This rubber boot is practical and very durable and is widely used in construction sites. Allows a safe and comfortable work environment with the help of the durable bottom material. Thus, it can be easily preferred both in business life and in daily use.

Microfiber leather for safety boots and work boots

Perfect physical strength Excellent chemical properties. Light weight. High utilization rate. Environmentally friendly. Comfort and special quality

Why should it be used?

Foot injuries are occupational accidents found in many industries, such as construction, shipbuilding and mining. Protective boots should be used to prevent various accidents such severe or minor burns, occurrence of tissue losses after the spillage of hot liquids and liquid chemicals. It also helps prevent falls as a result of working on slippery ground. Polluted environment, weather conditions, hazardous materials on the ground and many other factors create difficulties where such physical labor is in the forefront. For this reason, these types of boots, which are preferred when working in such places, should provide protection and comfort in difficult conditions.


The boots are waterproof. The heel is resistant to abrasion. It is easy and flexible to use with the help of the grooved side surface. The surface and base are oil resistant and provides more comfortable and balanced use. It provides comfort to the user due to PVC material.

Features of PVC material PVC boots made of high cushioning, antistatic and heat protection features. The boots retain their elasticity at room temperature - up to 30 ° C. PVC boots are protected from high humidity and production contamination. The boots protect the worker's feet from the effects of harmful substances (alkaline and weak concentrations, petroleum products, etc.). Boots made of PVC are used in manufacturing, construction, housing and utilities. PVC boots are products that allow you to work comfortably and safely in the work environment. This material is designed to prevent you from slipping on slippery and wet surfaces and provides comfort for the user.

Areas of use

The boots are ideal for fishing, mining and chemical processing. This safety tool is often used in oil rigs, dairy plants, factories and other general industrial applications. High resistance to animal fats, acids, mechanical oils and chemicals. Boots, which play an important role in the food service industry, agriculture and laboratory work, successfully meet the basic standards required for safety shoes.

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