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Montage gloves (cow leather)

Montage works are widely used in industry and construction. In this case, it is necessary to follow the safety rules. One of them is to wear special montage gloves. Mounting gloves protect your hands and are heat, cut, and puncture-resistant.

How it should be

Montage gloves should differ from standard gloves in both shape and material. It should protect your hands from sparks and debris scattered during the montage, and also not restrict your ability to move comfortably. Montage gloves can be made of goat, cow, sheep, etc. skin, depending on the user's comfort. It can be made of leather, artificial materials, or a mixture of both. Comfortable wear and non-slipping texture are also important factors. It should be durable, easy to clean, and flexible enough.

Advantages of cow leather

Several types of leather are preferred in the making of montage gloves. However, the choice of leather is mainly based on the user's comfort. The benefits of cow leather that can be enjoyed by the user are: Durable – cow leather differs from other leather types by its durability. It is suitable for long-term use, does not wrinkle, does not wear out, and retains its shape Weight - because it is a little heavier, gloves sit better, do not slip, and helps to create balance. Heat retention – cow leather is one of the leather's highest heat retention capacity. It keeps your hands warm, even in the coldest weather, and helps maintain your ability to work.

Design subtleties Cow leather montage gloves also stand out with their design. The inside and fingertips are made of cow leather. At the same time, the upper part is made of cotton material for your skin to breathe comfortably and for better hand movability. The thumb and forefinger, which are the most active fingers, are made entirely of cow leather. This way, you can be sure that your hands and fingers are safe during the installation. With a length of 25 cm, it fully protects your hands. The comfortable wrist part and cuff prevent slipping. The choice of colors is very elegant and tasteful. Can be adapted to any workwear.

Areas of use

As the name implies, montage gloves are mainly intended for installation work, but can also be used in the following jobs and areas: Tree cutting Construction Gardening tools Driving heavy farm machinery Agriculture Farming Gardening, etc.

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