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Medical masks

Medical masks can be used both in medicine and in everyday life. The main purpose of the masks is to prevent the entry of foreign objects, bacteria, and viruses into the mouth and nose area.

Medical Face Shields are an important piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) that help prevent the spread of pathogens. It is a unique medical solution that is intended for health-workers to deliver improved levels of comfort, safety, performance, and value. The foam brow and elastic strap provide a comfortable fit, while the visor protects the entire face. The reusable headbands are made from eco-friendly biomaterial and designed to provide all-day comfort and safety.

For health

Medical masks are constantly used in the medical world. For this reason, often they`ve called "surgical masks". Medical masks not only protect against viruses but also prevent the entry of foreign objects into the mouth and nose. This is especially good news for people with allergies. Medical masks will protect your health with easy use, accessibility, and self-protection.

Ease of design

Medical masks mainly consist of 3 special layers. The first and inner layer made of cotton or other soft material is a liquid absorber. It is made to absorb mucus and steam, to create a feeling of comfort on the face. The middle layer is mostly made of waterproof, non-woven materials such as polypropylene. This special layer is mainly used to filter out smaller particles, to prevent the entry of viruses and bacteria, both inside and outside. The last layer is usually made of polyester or a mixture, and waterproof. The main purpose is to protect the inner layers of the mask and prevent foreign objects. Also, the comfortable ear loops make it easy to apply the mask, do not compress, and do not bore.

How to use Although medical masks have protection, they are not long-lasting. If you are in a dangerous environment, masks should be changed every 2 hours. When removing masks for a short time, hands should be washed or rubbed with alcohol, and remove masks just by holding the ear loops. Do not touch the front of the masks. It should be changed after a meal or when the mask is wet. Wetting and washing masks reduce protection.

Disposable protective mask for children

Disposable protective mask for children is made of 3 layers of high quality non-woven fabric. It has a stronger filtration effect, is comfortable to wear and suitable for breathing. High elastic straight ear straps do not pinch the ears. We are always with you to protect your baby from the virus. Features: 3 protective layers: non-woven outer layer + filter paper layer + skin-friendly non-woven inner layer. Breathable and comfortable, low breathing resistance.

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