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KN95 masks

KN95 masks differ from other medical masks by their high protection. It can be used especially in work in direct contact with hazards. The number "95" in the name of the mask indicates that at least 95% of potential foreign objects and bacteria are prevented.

Comfort and safety

As the degree of protection in the masks increases, unfortunately, the level of comfort decreases. KN95 masks are a range of masks that finds the perfect balance between high protection and comfort. The soft, unwoven cloth does not irritate the skin, the shape fits snugly on the face and prevents unfiltered air leakage from the edges. Also, thick and soft ear loops do not hurt, and the feeling of comfort remains for a long time. The special metal band for a good fit is not on the inside of the mask, but on the top, which increases the feeling of comfort.

Long-term use

Many medical masks are designed for use for 2 hours or less. KN95 masks can be used during the day as long as they do not lose their shape and are not damaged. It is recommended to follow special rules (do not touch the inside and the mask, disinfect hands first, etc.) when removed during the day for various reasons. Also, KN95 masks can be used few times if necessary. However, it is always recommended to use it only once.

Elegance of design

KN95 masks are made of special, non-woven polypropylene material. The thin polypropylene wires are turned to a cloth with a press and pressed in several layers to increase the filter effect. In addition to making the mask safe, it also gives a comfortable and neat appearance. Being unwoven, the combination of fabrics with the method of press-gluing promises a tidier look. High-protection KN95 masks are available in both colors black and white.

Our difference

The main difference is that we have a perfect balance of price and quality. The KN95 masks we offer are not only high quality but also budget-friendly with reasonable prices. Special 25-piece packaging allows you to buy in bulk and save more. Provides more comfortable & long-lasting use with 5 layers of the protective layer.

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