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How to Properly Choose Safety Jackets for Construction?

Workers in construction are facing numerous dangers daily, from being hit by a vehicle to being accidently injured by a coworker who operates a machine. It’s of vital importance to protect these workers and the best way to do so is to provide them with the appropriate PPE, such as safety jackets. You must be wondering how to pick the right ones, but worry no more as in this text you will find the aspects that you should pay attention to when choosing.

Material – the workers are often exposed to harsh weather conditions so the jackets should be made of heavy-duty and durable materials which can withstand the conditions. Nylon, polyester, and PVC are the most commonly used materials.

Waterproof – choosing waterproof and water-resistant jackets is essential to keep the workers dry and comfortable when it’s raining or snowing.

Flame-resistant – as construction workers are often around high temperatures and fire, for example for welding, they need jackets that won’t catch on fire easily.

High visibility – the construction workers need to be easily visible to their coworkers on the site. So, you should find safety jackets that are in lime green, orange, or yellow color. The colors will make the workers stand out on the occasions when the light is low.

Reflective parts – visibility is improved not only with the bright colors but also with the reflective strips, as they reflect the light from the source. These strips need to be on the front, the back, and sleeves of the jacket.

Comfort and fit – construction workers spend many hours in these jackets so obviously they should feel comfortable. The jackets should have adjustable straps, waistbands, and cuffs to ensure that they fit securely and the workers can move freely while wearing them.

Certification – last but not the least, the safety jacket must meet the necessary safety standards, to ensure that the jackets have been tested and approved for the workers. To find out more about the certification you should contact the store where you want to buy the jackets or the manufacturer.

Consider all of the points above and you will certainly make the right decision. What’s more, before making the purchase you can ask the workers to try on and tell you which ones fit the best, because that’s what’s most important. If the jackets are loose or uncomfortable the workers won’t be able to do their jobs properly and this will increase the dangers of getting injured at the workplace. The workers can help you pick the right safety jackets since they’ll be the ones to wear them and know what they need.


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