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How to Measure Shoe Size?

We've all attempted to put on shoes that were either too tiny or too big for us at some point. It's unpleasant, and you run the danger of getting hurt. When purchasing shoes, it is critical to know your exact shoe size. Before shopping, knowing your shoe size will save you time and prevent you from purchasing and then having to return an unsuitable pair.

Take the Foot Measurement

The steps listed below will help you determine your shoe size at home:

1. Attach a sheet of paper with tape to the ground. Avoid doing this on the floor or any other surface that would be challenging to write on since you will be measured by tracing an outline of your foot.

2. Put a solid foothold on the sheet of paper. A modest knee bend and your shin next to your ankle are ideal. Any lines on your sheet of paper should be parallel to your foot as much as possible. You can stand up, sit down on a chair, or squat.

3. Your foot's whole contour should be drawn. You can go barefoot or wear the socks you want to wear with the shoes you want to buy.

4. Your foot's length and breadth should be noted on the paper. Draw a straight line connecting each side of the outline using your marker.

5. Your foot's length should be measured. Measure the area from top to bottom using a ruler or tape measure. Note down this number. This number will largely determine your shoe size.

6. Your foot's breadth should be measured. Record the measurement made between the right and left sidelines. This number will influence the style of shoe to purchase because many shoes come in several widths.

7. Subtract each number by 3/16ths of an inch. This allows for the tiny gap between the pencil's drawn line and your natural foot.

8. Find your shoe size using a sizing chart by using your measurements for length and breadth. Sizes vary throughout countries and between men and women.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Buying the Shoes

Here are some essential things to keep in mind before attempting to measure the shoes:

Length of Foot

The size of your foot should be measured with particular attention. Finding the manufacturer's size chart is simple if you understand how long your foot is in centimeters. This will make it much simpler for you to get the correct size of shoes.

The Shoe's and your Foot's Shape

It's crucial to pay close attention to the type of footwear you select. Because the model is a little smaller, shoes with such a pointed snout should be picked in size larger. Shoes with zippers on the side, front, or even a portion of the heel are preferable if your instep is high. We advise avoiding pointed shoes and shoes with seams at the broadest region of your foot if your foot is extensive.


Please take note of the seasonality. The feet are frequently swollen and occasionally more significant in the summer. Therefore, we advise you to measure your foot before ordering shoes online. Choose a larger size if you're seeking warm winter shoes with fur since a constricted foot becomes chilly much more quickly.

Author: Talha Nadeem


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