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How to make your workplace more environmentally friendly

The development of an environmentally conscious organization starts at the level of your workforce. Your people must believe in your vision and practice green habits in the office to reflect your sustainability mission appropriately.

There are various affordable and cost-effective measures your company can take to reduce its carbon footprint and environmental impact. Here are ten examples of sustainable initiatives you can implement to encourage environmentally conscious workplaces for your employees, not just on Earth Day but every day.

Implement a recycling program

One standard way to be sustainable is to create a recycling program in your office. From the kitchen to the workplace, provide responsible waste training and clear signage at designated waste collection stations to help your employees distinguish between recyclable items, compost, and garbage. Consider safely disposing of and returning old computer components and other things that take up space in your workplace to a local organization that supports the ethical recycling of electronics.

Save energy in the office

Turning off the lights and electronic equipment in the office after hours will help conserve energy and save your company a significant amount on your energy bill. Make sure your workplace communicates your policy for reducing energy consumption on their desktops and office equipment and suggests turning off their computers at the end of the workday and turning off the lights when the conference room is not in use, for example.

Paperless Office Promotion

Digital and cloud computing solutions have enabled companies to become more collaborative, innovative, efficient, and greener. From using desktop applications like Microsoft Office and Google Drive to coordinate work projects to investing in digital HR and payroll software, paper and ink are being replaced with an environmentally friendly alternative.

Support green suppliers

Choose to do business with green brands and companies to create a greener workplace. Conduct research on vendors of interest to learn more about their sustainability efforts and see if they align with your vision and your company's environmental impact values. At Rise, we are proud to partner with Thirst First, a local purveyor of organic and fair-trade coffee.

Reduce through reuse

Every year, Canadians use between 1.6 and 2 billion disposable coffee cups. Discourage this wasteful habit of your employees by encouraging the use of reusable coffee mugs along with reusable water bottles. You can promote this initiative in the office by offering company merchandise such as stainless steel travel mugs and water bottles and by encouraging the program by running a monthly gift card giveaway for team members who use their reusable cups throughout the week.

Invest in office plants

Placing plants around the office can help brighten up your workspaces, elevate the overall workplace atmosphere, and reduce the stress and anxiety of your employees. Indoor greenery can increase oxygen levels and remove harmful pollutants such as carbon dioxide and formaldehyde. NASA studies show that indoor plants reduce 87% of indoor air pollutants within 24 hours. If you're convinced of the health benefits of office greens, this infographic will help you choose the perfect plant for your office.

Take care of human energy

It may not immediately come to mind when it comes to environmental practices, but the well-being of your people is critical to healthy habits in your organization. Mindfulness is just as important. Remember that maintaining a healthy and energetic workforce will benefit your company's overall performance. Keep your team happy and energized by constantly creating a safe and non-toxic environment. This can start by providing sustainable and nutritious options such as organic fruits and vegetables.

Encourage sustainable transport

Encourage your team members to use alternative modes of transportation to and from the office, such as walking or car-sharing with colleagues, during the work week. Your company may offer travel subsidies for employees who commute as a benefit. Also, if your employees aren't required to be in the office Monday through Friday, consider reducing their commute time during the week by allowing them to work remotely from home occasionally.

Get outside and volunteer

Charitable volunteer programs are a great way to support something meaningful and significantly impact your communities. Your company can participate in environmental actions and campaigns to preserve the environment. Last summer, Rise worked with CPAWS BC to clean up the beach. Find a charity project close to your organization's heart and involve your employees.

Make "green thinking" a crucial part of your corporate culture

Include your employees in your environmental vision by engaging them. Talk to your team members and collaborate to gather their ideas on how your organization can become greener and more environmentally friendly in the workplace. Getting input from your employees will empower them to embody and embrace your new mission and goals.

From promoting workplace wellness through a mindful and healthy office environment to empowering your team members to think about the bigger picture, encouraging environmentally conscious work practices will help your people feel healthier, more satisfied with your company, and more motivated to thrive in the workplace. Work. Above all, the benefits of your organization leaving a lasting impact on the environment will remain for generations to come.

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