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How to Choose the Right Safety Gloves


1.Safety Gloves

2.Tips to choose the right safety gloves

3.Identify the hazards

4.Choose the right material

5.Choose the right size


Safety Gloves

A safety glove is a work wear designed to keep your hands safe from cuts, chemical-burns and any other hazards. In order to wear safety gloves, you should correctly define the risks you are facing according to the area you work in. Understanding the work risks will help you to choose the right protection gloves. So, this personal protective equipment is the best to save your hands from wrists to fingers.

But how to choose the right safety gloves? What do you understand by choosing the right safety gloves? As you need to consider several factors for choosing the right protection gloves, there are some tips below you would definitely want to know before using gloves.

Tips to choose the right safety gloves

Know the risks

Possible risks differ according to the areas you work in. That's why you should spend some time analyzing the risks of hazards you are facing at work. This is the first step in determining which gloves will be right for you. So, for the case of choosing the right correct steps for hand protection, you will take corresponding measures in knowing the risks at work.

Every employer should be aware of the possible risks even before providing safety gloves to the staff. Extreme temperatures, sharp objects that can hurt the skin, hazardous chemicals that may be absorbed into the skin should be separately considered.

Once the employers identify the types of the risks, why they are happening, and the source of them then they should conduct possible operations in order to reduce human body injury risks.

Identify the hazards at work:

Whether you are working with:

1.Light and blunt objects

2.Sharp and hot (cold) objects

3.Electrical equipments

4.Dangerous chemicals

Choose the right material:

Safety gloves are made of various materials according to the work areas. Disposable gloves are made of latex , or nitrile which are effective to protect hands from infectious diseases. On the other hand, some gloves are flame resistant made from the materials of leather, coated nylon etc. You can choose the right glove by knowing the possible hazards occur while working. In this way, you will deeply understand the nature of your work and specific risks associated with them. So, it will be easy to choose the safety glove which is applicable to your workplace.

Choose the right size:

Choosing the right material is not enough. You need to use the protection gloves that are suitable for each size of hands.

When choosing gloves for protection, it is best to use the ones which fit your hands perfectly either by the shape and size of the hands. Employers should keep the safety gloves suitable for each size, or bunch of different sizes for everyone at work. If the gloves fit properly to the worker, this reduces the chance of injury a person may have at the workplace.


With these top tips above, you will be well equipped to make the right choice for choosing the safety gloves. Make sure to be responsible for this and choose the right kind of glove, because the health of your hands depend on this case.

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