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Household gloves

In our daily life, we mostly use household gloves. The quality of household gloves is often overlooked because we use them frequently. However, the best quality household gloves will be budget-friendly for long use span and will protect your delicate hands.

Comfort of simplicity The design of household gloves is very simple. The main goal here is to achieve comfortable hands and be able to use them for a long time. To ensure elasticity, our household gloves are made of latex rubber. It fits comfortably in your hands, allows free movement of fingers and wrists. It is easy to wash because there are no additional bumps, cracks, and patterns on it, no traces and stains are left behind. It is very comfortable to put on and off. With a length of 30 cm, it will gently wrap both your hand and wrist. At the home and in the yard You can use household gloves when washing dishes at home, cleaning the bathroom and toilet. You can also wear household gloves when caring for pets in the yard or gardening. The latex rubber material will protect the mobility of your hands, as well as protect them from the soil, dirt, cold water, and other dangers.

Features The household gloves we offer are distinguished by their special thick texture. This latex’s texture is durable and tear-resistant. Even at the end of the long workday, it will leave your hands whole and in the best condition. Water-resistant. Waterproofing, which is the main condition for household gloves, is the best feature of our gloves. You can easily work with heavy detergents, powders, paints, soaps, and other chemical solutions. Both inner lining and surface are comfortable. When wearing gloves, your hands will always be comfortable, no sweat, and free. At the same time, the creatures and plants you touch with gloves will not feel any discomfort.

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