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Heat-resistant gloves

Heat-resistant gloves can be very useful when working in a hot environment or with hot objects. Silicone-lined cotton gloves may be more suitable for you, especially if you want to both protect yourself from the heat and keep the mobility with your hands.

The difference between heat-resistant and fire-resistant gloves

Heat-resistant gloves should not be confused with fire-resistant gloves. The first one is mainly used at home, with work that is not in direct contact with fire but is exposed to heat. Heat-resistant gloves are distinguished from fire-resistant gloves by their lightness and elasticity. Fire-resistant gloves are used in light and heavy industry,at work that is in direct or indirect contact with fire. Household use is rare. Both have their own use fields.

Things you can do with heat-resistant gloves

Turning meat on the grill, scattering coals In pottery, putting the pots on the oven Place firewood on the stove Easily hold hot metal parts Useful to work comfortably with ovens and fireplaces, etc


Our heat-resistant gloves have many superior features. First of all, it is resistant to temperatures up to 932 ° F | 500 ° C. thanks to its special silicone coating. Slip resistance: Silicone buttons on the top and fingers reduce slippage. It is very unlikely to slip from your hands and cause an accident. Comfort: The inner material of the glove is a tightly knitted cotton fabric. The breathable fabric protects your hands from sweating and being stuffy, even in the hottest environment. Compatibility: The universal size fits almost any hand, regardless of the size of your hands. Most of the 35 cm long gloves are bracelets. This not only protects your wrist but also allows the glove to fit perfectly.

Recommendations for use Do not expose your gloves directly to fire or prolonged heat. This can shorten the life of the silicone. Also, dirt that accumulates in the gloves accelerates heat transfer and limits the glove's ability to move. Avoid working with hot liquids and hot gases, as the glove is not fireproof and breathable. If you follow the recommendations, your gloves will protect you and your family members from heat and damage for many years.

Our difference

Many gloves can protect, but it is our job to do it most elegantly. The special flame-shaped, red design will give you a tasteful and stylish look even when doing the most ordinary work. Also, the wrist length of our gloves surpasses many competitors. This feature both protects your wrists and prevents the slipping of glove. Our gloves are suitable for both hand washing and machine washing.


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