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Health and safety tips for cleaning your uniform

One of the disadvantages of buying uniforms for your employees, as opposed to renting them, is that they will be responsible for keeping them clean, not the uniform service providing them. You may decide to take care of the cleaning and maintenance of the house, but most small businesses don't have that luxury. If your employees have the task of cleaning their work uniforms, they will need some tips that they can use. Today, we're going to take a look at how you can clean your work uniform so it always looks fresh. After all, a clean uniform reflects well on both your company and the employee.

Stain removal

If the uniform is soiled, one of the first steps to cleaning it is to throw it in the washing machine. Apply stain remover to stains as soon as they appear. This will prevent stains from appearing on the uniform. This is often not possible due to the nature of some jobs, so if you have to wait until you get home, use the stain remover as soon as you get home in the evening.


After removing the stains, the next step in cleaning your uniform is to launder it. Divide dirty clothes into whites and darks and wash them separately so the colors don't blend. Use a mild detergent and half a cup of vinegar in the washing machine with your clothes. The vinegar softens the fabric and removes odors from the uniform. Washing your uniform in lukewarm or hot water will remove any bacteria from it.

Drying and ironing

After the wash cycle is complete, transfer the clothes from the washer to the dryer. Always use the dry drum setting to remove any remaining bacteria. After drying, remove the form from the dryer and smooth it on an ironing board. Use an iron to smooth and remove any creases from the uniform by setting the iron to the appropriate temperature for the type of fabric. To avoid creases, always hang your uniform and use a lint remover if necessary before heading to work. Here it is! Now your uniform is clean, and you're ready for the day again.

Uniform care is not a complicated process, but it does require consistency and following simple instructions. In this short article, we will discuss the top 5 ways to take care of your uniform.

  1. Weekly cleaning

Regular care of a uniform can increase its durability. It goes without saying that you only clean molds that have been used, dirty, or stored for a long time. Consistency is key here.

  1. Choice of fabric and color

The best way to care for your uniform will depend on the fabric it is made from and how you choose to wash it. Cotton uniforms should be washed by hand or machine, but only dried. Wool uniforms can be washed by hand or dry cleaned, but not in a washing machine. To avoid color stains, wash whites only with whites and colored items with colored items.

  1. Iron and starch the uniform

After you have washed your uniform, be sure to iron it and starch it accordingly. Make sure you don't iron or starch uniforms that aren't meant to be ironed. Some uniforms, such as sports jerseys and silks, are not meant to be starched.

  1. Shine your shoes

No uniform is complete without shoes, unless you work barefoot. It's often said that the first thing people look at is your shoes, which is why their shine makes you stand out. Clean your shoes with a rag or just use polish as needed.

  1. Storage

It may seem that washing and ironing a uniform takes a lot of effort. However, no matter how well you do it, you must not forget to store the form in a clean and dry place. Do not store them in places with a strong smell or moisture.

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