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Hanging locks and their types

Locks are devices with different types of mechanical and technical systems for additional security. Currently, the most common type of lock is a padlock. Hanging locks are portable locks that stand without any attachments, which makes them special. There are two types of padlocks, combination, and key.

Each of the key locks is opened and closed by means of special keys. Keys are not used in combination locks. Instead, the lock is unlocked when the wheels are properly aligned to indicate the correct connection. Hanging locks with a view that acts as an easy barrier and a visual barrier, are an excellent choice for the daily safety of your property and belongings. To summarize, they include warehouses, doors, storage compartments, cabinets, and more. can be used to protect many things.

The most commonly used types of the padlock are as follows:

1.Combination Padlocks-The combination padlocks are the best choice for lockers or luggage. These locks are similar to traditional suitcase locks in that they require you to enter code by spinning the dial in a certain sequence.

2. Closed Shackle Padlocks- Closed shackle padlock is one of the most popular types of locks. Due to the handcuff features of the product, it is not possible to cut them with saws and bolt cutters.

3. Round Shackle Padlocks- Users are quite familiar with round or circular handcuffed padlocks. As shown by the name, these heavy padlocks are round in shape. Due to their design, they have the status of a padlock with closed handcuffs and a security rating.

4. Straight Shackle Padlocks- The straight shackle padlock is another popular type in the padlock market. Most people know it as a shutter lock. If you have a steel roller door, you can use this type of padlock to protect the area.

5. Keyed Alike Padlocks. The same key padlock allows you to open different padlocks with one key. People who have difficulty unlocking different locks with different keys can keep only one key and use it to unlock all the padlocks on different doors.

6. Long Shackle Padlock- Long-handled padlocks are used only when the length of the handcuff is really required, for example, to connect two fastening points that are too far apart. Otherwise, ordinary handcuffed padlocks are more reliable.

7. Smart padlock- The smart padlock allows you to lock or unlock the door by connecting to your home's wi fi network or Bluetooth. The best part of these locks is that no physical key is required and anyone with a code can unlock it. On the other hand, another feature of these padlocks is that you can give some people temporary access and restrict their access at any time.

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