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Half face mask

The half face mask is one of the gas masks with a durable and comfortable structure that allows users to experience the highest level of performance and efficiency. The ergonomic structure supports ease of use with many devices.

Structure and model

The original design and modern look support safe and comfortable use while maintaining the most precise harmony with each facial structure. It has a wide viewing range and exterior design. The grip straps are suitable for the face and distribute the pressure as much as possible. Thus, the user does not feel additional fatigue or discomfort during use. It supports the use of equipment like glasses, viewfinder etc.

Why it is used

The reusable half mask is an economical, requiring less maintenance, easy-to-use and extremely lightweight product. Besides providing protection against substances that threaten human health, it ensures high-performance ease of use with low respiratory resistance. The half face mask is one of the most widely used gas mask models in areas where the protection of respiratory organs is needed. While the dust filter prevents dust particles, makes it easier to breathe and prolongs the life of the filter.

Features -Made of soft and lightweight material for comfort during long-term work -The low-profile design minimizes interference with the viewing area. -Approved CE certificate -It has a bayonet connection system connected to various filters to provide protection against gases, vapors and particles -Compliance with EN 140 standards has been tested and approved.

The valve, which prevents sweating and moisture and provides breathing, is effective in reducing respiratory resistance. At the same time, the half face mask provides complete protection against bacteria and viruses. If the mask does not have a filter, the filters must be purchased separately according to the purpose of use of the mask.


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