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Hair covers

Disposable hair covers are made of soft, comfortable, breathable, high-quality polypropylene woven fabric. Ideal for medical professionals and those who engaged with the cleaning of body fluids and bio-hazardous materials. Prevents hair from easily falling into certain areas. At the same time, it can be easily adjusted for different head types. It is compactly folded into an easy-open strip to give shape.

Why is it used?

This headcover, made of an environmentally friendly rubber band with appropriate elasticity, is widely used in various fields of health protection.

The non-woven fabric itself has good air permeability features, so the non-woven strip cover also has strong air permeability. For this reason, it is very convenient to wear for a long time.


Gram weight of the product: 10-20 g Product material: high quality double non-woven fabric Product color: blue, green, white, pink, etc. Covered with PU rubber band

In which areas is it used?

This product, which is widely used, is suitable for usage. Its use in medicine is a must. Suitable for electronic production, restaurants, food processing, school, hospital, salon, pharmaceutical manufacturers, factory. At the same time, it is fully suitable for use in hotels, industry, clean rooms, and factories. Also appropriate for household hair care.


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