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Gardening gloves

Gardening and flower growing are very widespread. Working with moist and soil rich in foreign substances for a long time can damage your hands. Special gardening gloves are not only to protect your hands but also make your work easier and faster with their special shape.

Area of ​​the use of gardening gloves

Gloves should be used when in direct contact with the soil. For this reason, gardening gloves may be a must for you when engaging in the following actions and hobbies:

When taking care of a garden Growing plants and vegetables Leaves, tree branches, weeds, etc. clean up Grow flowers Changing the soils of the pots, etc


The gloves are suitable for women's, men's, and older children's hands, and are universal in size. The fingers and palms are covered with special latex rubber. This rubber is waterproof, resistant to cuts, injuries, and impacts, is very flexible. The top of the glove and the wrist are made of a special tight knitted cotton fabric. Do not obstruct the skin to breath. It also adapts to any size hand and prevents the glove from slipping. The best feature of the 25 cm long glove is its special claws.

The advantage of the claws

Our garden gloves have different functions from other gloves. Special claws made of ABS plastic placed on 4 fingers, allow digging for seeds and do other works easily. You will be able to dig the soil without any additional tools needed. Due to the special shape of the claws, the soil will not fill underneath, it is very easy to clean. When digging for small seeds, you can simply put one of the claws in the ground and make a hole at the desired depth. If you need to dig deeper, you can quickly dig up with both hands.

Recommendations for use

It is recommended to clean after every use. If it is necessary, you can also wash it. After washing, dry without direct heat exposure. You can extend the life of the claws by not using them on rocky soils. It is recommended to protect it from moisture and direct sunlight. It will serve you for many years if the recommendations are followed.

Our difference

Our gardening gloves are standout for their elegant design. The black and turquoise design will make you feel stylish even when working with soil. A comfortable design will fit perfectly in your hands. With its special claws, you will get both gloves and a gardening tool. We are ready to answer any questions you may have about gardening gloves, listen to your suggestions, and apply them to our product.


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