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Full face mask

The full face mask is designed for safe use in all industries. Offers long-term use owing to the mask and cover material resistant to difficult conditions. The mask bodies are perfectly adapted to the face with a material structure resistant to harsh industrial conditions and double design.

Why it is used

Considered for dusty environments, the full face mask provides superior protection even in the most difficult conditions with a P3 filter that can retain even the most subtle dust. The filter on the mask meets European standards. Provides superior holding from large dust particles to the finest dust. The maximum use life of the filter on the mask is 6 months. This time may vary depending on the surrounding dust density and usage life. Mask belts can be adjusted for each head shape. Suitable for use against extremely dusty environments.

General features

Equipped with polycarbonate lenses to provide a wide viewing angle. Ensures comfort with light weight and balancing design. Silicone face pad provides durability and comfort to users. It has a filter design. This design secures low breathing resistance and supports comfortable breathing. CE certificate approved.

Common usage areas Wood dust, etc. in carpentry workshops. In the pharmaceutical industry against dusty chemicals, in agricultural spraying method, in the use of powdered drugs. Use and production of paints and varnishes, in industries, laboratories.

Gas mask

Gas masks are also known as "air-purifying respirators” because they filter or purify chemical gases and possibly airborne particles while breathing. This respirator includes a face mask or mask and a filter/cartridge.

Why is it used?

It has a folded and scratch-resistant surface. The 4-point head hanger tightly covers the head structure and supports the head optimally. Provides protection against gases, vapors and particles.

Gas masks are used at any time of the year, in any climate. Resistant to temperatures of + 40 ° C and -40 ° C, used in high humidity conditions up to 98%. The purpose of the gas mask is to protect the respiratory and visual systems from toxic radioactive elements in the air, dust, bacteria, strong substances, and gases.

If I put on a gas mask properly, will it fully protect me?

Filter cartridges only protect against certain inhaled airborne substances. Some hazardous chemicals are absorbed through the skin. Properly selected and obsolete gas masks and escape respirators should be combined with protective clothing to prevent injuries from these chemicals.

The cartridge may contain a filter to remove particles (such as biological weapons), charcoal (to remove certain chemicals) both, or other parts. When the user breathes, the air passes through the filter. These masks provide protection against gases, vapors, and particles.

The main features of the gas mask:

filter source - 240 hours; maximum stay time - 24 hours; temperature range -40 ° C + 40 ° C; respiratory resistance at a water flow rate of 30 l / min (Pa) mm. column - 180 (18); ability to hear speech up to 95%

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