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To reduce the damage of eye injuries, it is essential to immediately seek medical advice. For these situations, it's important to use a sterile eyewash, and equally vital when treating a wound.

Eyewashes are a safe way to soothe irritated eyes and to provide gentle flushing to injuries to any part of the body. They can be used for the irrigation, cleansing and refreshing the eyes, as well as for removing foreign materials from the eyes. This tool is great to have on hand for daily use.

Eyewashes are mainly made of purified water but may contain other ingredients too, like salt or chloride. They can bring relief from air pollution and allergens. You might also use them to ease irritation from chlorinated water, after leaving a pool. In injury situations, the eye should be flushed continuously for at least 10 minutes with sterile fluid from a sealed container.

The flushing the eye for ten minutes is simply for washing away all traces of the harmful materials. Once the seal is broken, the containers should not be stored for reuse. The container must not be used after the expiration date.

In some situations, it may not be possible to do this with clean running water. This may be because of possible bacterial infection from contaminated water. In addition, chlorine and some chemicals found in tap water, can cause eye irritation. Physical problems associated with placing the eye under a tap can’t be ignored either.

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