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Emex EHS & ESG

Our industry-leading end-to-end solutions for ESG and EHS data reporting is designed to help businesses translate their ambitions into action, providing the tools you need to make tangible progress and achieve profitability whilst protecting people and the planet.

Emex offers a cloud-based platform that consolidates all ESG and EHS processes and reporting capabilities into a single platform, leveraging high-quality data with expert insight to help clients measure, track, and advance towards their goals. Our platform is scalable, configurable, and designed to meet the needs of dynamic businesses. In doing so, we help you to optimise business performance and deliver real, measurable ROI against your sustainability goals.

The Emex software provides several key benefits:

• Streamlined data collection: Our platform simplifies data collection from multiple sources including flexible forms, back-office integrations, mobile devices, and IoT devices.

• Improved data quality: Our data collection tools with inbuilt validation rules and workflow parameters allow you to generate quality data standardisation with a clear digital audit trail.

• Actionable insights: Our advanced analytical capabilities provide highly configurable analysis and reporting tools, including trend identification for lagging and leading indicators to improve decision making.

• Impactful communications: Our intuitive and human-centred design tools, including ESG dashboards and mobile access, ensure that relevant information and insights are distributed and shared with the right audiences for effective stakeholder communication.


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