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Earplugs can be used to avoid disturbing external sounds during sleep. It is also used to protect the ears in work environments where loud tools are used. Lightness and disposability ensure comfortable use.

Noiselessness is healthy

Noise not only causes anxiety and discomfort for humans but also causes physical harm. Studies show that prolonged exposure to loud noise can lead to hearing loss and many ear infections in the future. Hygienic earplugs protect the ears from the "dirty" noise of the environment, creating a quiet environment.

What is loud noise?

Volume is measured with special instruments and graded in decibels (dB). The tone of voice we use in our daily conversations is 60db. Just as the higher ones hurt our hearing, the lower ones can be inaudible to us. Hearing a sound is the process of "banging" of our eardrums according to sound waves, which is creating vibration. The louder the sound, the faster our drum vibrates. Earplugs and other hearing aids partially prevent harmful sound waves from being received by our eardrums and protect our ears.

NRR and SNR standard

There are special standards for sound and hearing aids. The NRR standard is the noise protection standard. The highest grade is NRR 33 and is rarely needed. The SNR standard states how much noise is blocked. For example, if the ambient sound is 85db and the earpiece has the SNR 23 standard, it will be 85-23 = 62. 60db is our daily speech tone and is not dangerous for our ears. According to these standards, you can choose the most suitable earplugs for your personal use or workplace. Keep in mind that choosing a higher standard earplug than you need can cause you to be completely isolated from the environment.

The earplugs we offer first of all attract attention with their delicate design. The comfortable shape allows it to be used on ears of any size. The bright color is specially chosen for the people around and the user could distinguish the earplug more easily. Our disposable earplugs are hygienic and do not create an environment for bacteria to grow.

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