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Disposable coveralls

Coveralls are full-body protector that is usually worn over personal clothing. Protect workers from a number of hazards, including chemical, mechanical, thermal, or biological hazards. Coveralls can be made of many materials that have different resistance to hazards in the workplace. Materials used for disposable coveralls: tyvek, tychem, polypropylene.

Why should it be used?

This insulated equipment is a suit that you can use to protect yourself from various dangers. Disposable and insulated coveralls are made of strong, durable materials. They are important to protect you and your clothes from dirt, stains, bruises, or injuries.

Features There are elastic wrists, heels, and a hood for tight sealing at all times in a disposable suit. Provides a wider range of motion during traction and bending. Protective for painting, spraying, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals Wear-resistant. Stops microporous particles

In what areas is it used?

Coveralls are required in a variety of industries, such as agriculture, petrochemicals, food, mechanical, emergency response, and other labor-intensive industries.

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