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Cleaning products

Liquid hand soaps are specifically designed to clean and refresh hands without drying, while also offering a special scent for your home. Liquid hand soap made with essential oils, and other carefully selected ingredients, which create a soap not drying but softening to the busy hands. Offered in good looking dispensers, they look elegant in businesses, cafes, shops, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Bar soaps A well-made natural soap bar has numerous advantages compared to its liquid counterpart. It is usually made with a combination of vegetable oils and butters. It is also concentrated because there is no water added, like in liquid soap. Bar soaps are highly hydrating and can be an excellent choice for dry or sensitive skin. Cleaning agents are substances that we use to remove dust, dirt, unpleasant smells, etc. They are the chemicals used to lower the surface tension so that the water can do its work properly. The objectives of the cleaning agents are health, beauty, removing unpleasant smells and preventing the spread of dirt.

With less packaging than liquid soap, solid soap is more eco-friendly and offers maximum effectiveness. It is an excellent option for keeping your hands clean while also caring for delicate skin.


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