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Chemical Classification and Labelling

A label is written, printed, or visual information about a hazardous chemical that is adhered to, printed on, or attached to a dangerous chemical's container or pipe work. Labels must easily recognize the chemical and give information on its dangers, as well as directions and information on how to safely store, handle, use, and dispose of it.

The label should always be written in English and big enough to provide all necessary danger and other information in a readily visible size and style. Tags should be sized appropriately for the container. The label must be fastened to the exterior of the container and visible while the container is in its normal storage position. The label's information and symbols must be printed in colors that contrast sharply with the backdrop color.

Labeling Responsibility

A PCBU must properly label any hazardous substance used, handled, or stored at the workplace. Most hazardous substances obtained from a manufacturer or supplier and still in their original packaging should already be appropriately labeled. All dangerous chemicals created at the workplace and those moved or decanted from their original containers must be labeled appropriately.

To fulfill occupational health and safety regulations, hazardous chemical labels must not be legally certified.

Label Examination

The dangers of the product or any of its contents must be routinely assessed to ensure that labels are accurate, such as when there is a modification in the formulation and ingredients that alter the chemical's hazardous qualities.

The label of a hazardous chemical must be examined and, if required, changed to reflect any changes whenever the categorization of the chemical changes.

All recent or essential information about hazardous chemicals that importers, producers, or suppliers should evaluate: at least once every five years, a review of the literature and other pertinent information sources should be conducted.

Classification of Chemicals

The Globally Harmonized System of Categorization and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) provides the foundation for chemical classification & hazard communication on labels & Safety Data Sheets (SDS) (GHS).

The GHS is a single, globally accepted method for classifying chemicals and communicating hazards via labeling and SDS. The GHS, which the UN publishes, has standardized criteria for classifying environmental, health, and physical risks.

AUTHOR: Talha Nadeem

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