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Bike Safety Rules for Kids and Adults

Nowadays most of us have a sedentary lifestyle and suffer from numerous health issues because of it, but this can be fought with regular physical activity as simple as cycling. Riding a bike is a low-impact activity enjoyed by people of all ages that will keep you healthy and fit. However, regardless of how safe a vehicle is at first sight there are always some hazards that you and your kids need to be aware of and know how to prevent accidents.

Here are the rules that you and your children should follow to be safe while on your bikes:

1. Wear a helmet – always wear a helmet that fits you right to protect your head in case you fall off your bike or you are thrown off it in an accident. The helmet is the suitable size for you if it sits snugly level on the head and covers the forehead. Don’t wear any hats or scarfs under it, otherwise it’ll slip off your head.

2. Check the bike – before getting on the bike check if it is in a good working condition. During the check pay special attention to the brakes, pedals, tires, and handlebars and if they all function properly.

3. Follow the traffic laws – the traffic laws that apply to cars apply to your bike too. You must stop and move according to the signs and traffic lights, you should even use your hands to signal your upcoming turns and movements to other drivers in traffic.

4. Ride with the traffic – always ride in the same direction of the traffic

5. Be visible – you should wear bright and/or reflective clothes, especially during the night rides and add reflectors to your bike.

6. Be vigilant – watch the road ahead to avoid potholes, gravel, rocks, etc. and cars, pedestrians. Also try to avoid riding on the sidewalks as much as possible.

7. Avoid all distractions – don’t use phones, headphones, and other devices that make it hard for you to concentrate.

8. Choose the right clothes – wear comfortable pieces of clothing that don’t restrict your movements and closed-toe footwear to keep the feet from harm.

Cycling is seemingly safe and easy but of course there are some dangers and the potential of being involved in an accident always exists. So following these rules can help you enjoy this fun and healthy activity without having to worry about your or your children’s safety.

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