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Benchmark Risk + Compliance

With Benchmark Risk + Compliance platform’s solutions, we can help your company strengthen the foundation of your ESG program allowing you to minimize risk, enhance safety programs, improve compliance and performance, and deliver on ESG commitments. Our services will also help you empower and unite your company’s team members across all levels to effectively manage risk and ensure compliance.

Under the umbrella of the Benchmark Risk + Compliance ® Suite, we offer several solution categories including Equipment Management, ISO, Quality, Environmental Compliance, Environment, Health and Safety, and Safety Management. Make your programs and procedures more powerful in measurable ways with safety management software which then empowers employees to stay out of harm’s way by employing real-time data that will give them transparency into various incidents and responses. As a leading EHS software service provider, we assure your company unrivaled visibility and absolute control of site-based Environmental Health and Safety programs.

Make your equipment maintenance process easier with our Equipment Management suite, featuring tools made for conducting preventive maintenance inspection and history. Manage work orders for permits, perform regulatory compliance assurance and gain digitally enabled tools that provide you with program insights, prevent any kind of business disruptions, ensure regulatory compliance, and drive efficiency and savings company-wide.

Benchmark’s Environmental Compliance solution helps your organization enhance its ability to track and analyze real-time data and trends to stay in line with the ever-evolving environmental requirements and regulations, all while harnessing the power of automation to help your team focus better on program improvements. Using a quality management system (QMS) with EHS functionality will empower your company to meet both customer expectations and compliance standards, reduce the possible errors, and track outcomes in real time.


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