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Anti-vibration gloves

Anti-vibration gloves are specially designed for industrial, installation, and similar areas. Recommended to wear when using vibrating heavy tools.

Why anti-vibration gloves?

One of the most common physical injuries in heavy industry is injuries on the hands and arms. These injuries can be unavoidable, especially when working with vibrating tools. If you don’t use anti-vibration gloves, you may experience Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS).

The use of special gloves can prevent both short-term injuries (cuts, bruises, friction, and blisters), as well as chronic injuries (joint sprain, injuries on the fingers, HAVS, and scars).

How does it work

The working principle of the anti-vibration glove is to transmit the vibration from the vibrating tool to the hand on the minimum level by spreading it on a special membrane. The special pad that absorbs vibration is located inside the palm. Impact resistance is provided by TPR rear guard. The glove is covered with a special lightweight HPPE protective cover. This cover is strong enough to allow it to move easily and protect it from being cut.

Pay attention when working with vibrating tools

Minimize slipping.Our gloves cover the palms and fingers with a special sandy nitrile surface, so it is possible to work without slipping, even with lightly oiled tools. Take a 10-minute break for each hour. Always make sure that the tools are in good condition. Don’t squeeze the tool hard to minimize vibration.

Our difference

The tenderness in the design draws attention along with the durability. Yellow lines and dots are used to draw attention to the sensitive spots of the hands when working with tools. Velcro tight wrist part prevents the glove from slipping and side objects from entering. Not only it is suitable to work with small vibrating tools, but also with heavy vibrating machinery.

Areas of use Automation industry,glass industry,general installation,metalworking Installation of parts, etc. Suitable for areas required to work with vibrating tools


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