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Anti-static gloves

Why do you need anti-static gloves?

The human body and some objects have a certain static electric charge. In our daily lives, we often feel the discharge when we touch some objects. Sometimes it’s just a slight click and lighting. But there is a chance you could easily get hurt. In most cases, this static electricity discharge is harmless and doesn’t prevent you from doing something. However, when working with electronic devices, or in special electro-sensitive environments, these static discharges can damage or even cause the devices to malfunction. Anti-static gloves prevent this danger.

The benefits and uses of anti-static gloves are quite extensive.

Which areas are suitable for ?

  • Telecommunications

  • Eurocosmic

  • Petrochemistry

  • Optics

  • Electronic installation

  • Research and development

  • Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Production

  • Oil industry

There are special tools that require the use of anti-static gloves when working with them. Some of them are as follows:

Precision instruments, sensitive videotapes, Electronics components, fiber optics, solar panels, electric boards, hospitals, R&D and production of pharmaceuticals, photonics, semi-construction, production of medical supplies, etc.

Features Thin polyester gloves allow you to move comfortably. The special carbon lining prevents electric current. And special polyurethane coating on the fingertips prevents slipping. Makes it easy to work with small tools and on smooth surfaces. No need for an extra wrist strap because the wrist is tightly knitted, even static leakage doesn't occur. The 23 cm long gloves have a surface tension of 10 • 6 and 10 • 9. Easy to wash and reuse.


The first advantage of our anti-static gloves over others is their delicacy. Now you will be able to work comfortably with any tool without fear of damaging the static-sensitive surface.With a length of 23 cm, it will be able to prevent static flow without the need for additional clothing. Also, the elegant design will match the aesthetic workwear of the workplace.

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