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A Woman Whose Skull was Crushed at Work by a 21-tonne Excavator Describes her Awful Injuries

A young lady almost crushed to death by a 21-tonne excavator has remembered the moment her family was told to say goodbye.

Shannon Brasier, then 20, was hired by Ace Demolition Services Ltd to destroy an ancient college in Southend, Essex, in July 2020.

The 21-tonne excavator swung around as she fixed a fuel pump, crushing her skull between the machine and a fuel tank.

She was taken to the Royal London Hospital and placed in an induced coma for many weeks.

Shannon suffered facial fractures, a neck fracture, and facial paralysis due to nerve damage and was covered in wounds down to her shoulders.

She was the primary earner in her family and had been paying expenses for her mother and siblings since she was 15 years old.

Shannon, now 22, has made a remarkable recovery but cannot work while undergoing corrective operations and therapy.

She has now spoken out about her disappointment that the demolition business was able to "get away with" the act.

Shannon, who lives in Dagenham, East London, stated: "How come I fought for my life as well as the firm just received a £20,000 fine and a year of community service?

"My entire family was obliged to travel to the Royal London Hospital to say goodbye to me, and John Gilligan [the director in charge on the day] received nothing more than a slap on the wrist."

"It was a smack in the face, but the law has made its judgement, regardless of how I feel about it." I'll keep pushing forward with my recovery."

Ace Demolition was fined £20,000 plus almost £10,000 in court costs last week after the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found the firm violated Health and Safety legislation.

John Gilligan, the supervisor on the day, was forced to complete 250 hours of unpaid labor after HSE filed a case against him and the firm on November 24 at Chelmsford Magistrates' Court.

The firm and Gilligan acknowledged violating Sections 2(1) and 37(1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974.

David Tonge, an HSE inspector, stated: "This event could have been averted so simply.

Although other factors contributed to the catastrophe, the inability to keep employees away from the excavator was ultimately to blame.

"Duty bearers must keep people a safe distance away from automobiles and construction equipment."

A police inquiry into the event was begun, and one guy was apprehended.

Shannon said, "I'm experiencing a range of feelings. I'm irritated and furious. What do you anticipate from an incident involving a 20-year-old? I had my ideal job, I was swiftly rising through the ranks, and suddenly it all fell apart under me.

I had a 48-hour memory loss; therefore, I don't recall any details of the occurrence. I remember using a gas generator and awaking at a medical facility.

"I wouldn't be sitting here if they had followed basic health and safety laws and regulations."

Shannon is suing the corporation for damages, but she claims she is having difficulty getting witnesses to testify.

"The lies that were peddled are unconscionable," she remarked. Another thing I've had to accept is that the truth will never be disclosed in the eyes of the law."

Shannon is currently waiting for surgery to address her facial paralysis, which will take six months to recuperate from.

She is also awaiting testing to determine whether she can return to her favorite industry: "I don't know what else to do and am unwilling to learn a new skill. My employment was fantastic."

According to a statement issued by Ace Demolition Services Ltd: "Ace Demolition Services Ltd and Mr. John Gilligan agreed to pay a £20,000 fine after being found guilty of violating Sections 2 (1) and 37 (1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Chelmsford Magistrates Court also sentenced Mr. John Gilligan to do 250 hours of unpaid labor on November 24, 2022.

"The Magistrate acknowledged that the company had no previous Health and Safety concerns in its long history of business." It was also said that The Company has made significant adjustments to health, safety, and training, which the Magistrate acknowledged, and that The Company placed a high value on the well-being and security of its employees.

"Throughout the investigation, Ace Demolition Services Ltd fully collaborated with the Health and Safety Executive, exhibiting integrity, honesty, and a desire to learn from this regrettable incident."

"Ace Demolition Services Ltd is a tiny family-owned business, and the accident stunned and upset everyone." "Ace Demolition Services Ltd is a tiny family-owned business, and the accident stunned and upset everyone." We genuinely regret the circumstances that resulted in Ms. Braiser's accident, and The Company wishes Ms. Braiser the best of luck in her recovery.

"It is unacceptable to speak more at this time due to a pending litigation lawsuit."

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