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Health and safety

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First aid at the workplace.

First aid is emergency care given immediately to an injured person. The goal of first aid is to minimize injury and future disability. First aid is needed to save the victim's life. The type of first aid equipment and training required depends on: the number of employees, types of hazards present in the workplace, and distance to the hospital/availability of professional medical care.

In addition, each jurisdiction will have specific injury reporting requirements (types, length of time to report to the compensation committee, details to note, etc.).

How do I know what the correct procedure is for my business?


The first-aid rules will detail the requirements of your jurisdiction. These details will include: the need for a first aid assistant, the availability of a paramedic during working hours, the level of training or certification required to be a first aid assistant, the required number of medical staff (during working hours or per shift), the type and quantity of first aid items and equipment (contents of first aid kits and room equipment), the location of kits and notices (in some cases), emergency transport, incident documentation, and reporting requirements.

Legislation may also specify that first aid supplies must be, for example, equipped with necessary and suitable goods, stored clean and dry, regularly checked for expiration dates, maintained to keep them compliant, and stored in a conspicuous and accessible place.

An employer decides to offer additional first aid. It is advisable to seek legal advice first so that they are aware of any liability issues and check with your local jurisdiction.

Employers keep written records of all injuries and treatment in a register or first aid log.

Event details recorded include:

  • the worker's name

  • date and time of the injury

  • location and nature of the injury

  • description of how it happened

  • the type or description of first aid given

  • first aid time

  • patient's signature

  • the orderly's signature

  • the date and time of reporting

  • the name of the person it was reported to

Only personnel trained in first aid should attend to an injured person. As part of emergency preparedness training, employees should know how to act in the event of injury or illness.

Concerning first aid, workers should be aware of procedures to follow when first aid is required:

  • the location of the first aid station or first aid kit,

  • the first aid attendant listing

  • where to find the attendant's name or phone number,

  • the list of the nearest medical institutions (name, address, opening hours, and phone numbers).


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